• Nigeria Journal of Educational Research and Evaluation
    Vol 16 No 2 (2017)

    The Nigerian Journal of Educational Research and Evaluation (NJERE) is a yearly
    publication of the Association of Educational Researchers and Evaluators of Nigeria
    (ASSEREN). The articles are well-researched and mostly empirical works in all areas of
    educational measurement and testing by experienced and well grounded researchers. The
    articles could stand the test of time both locally and internationally. Articles are peerreviewed
    and accepted


    advice, assistance and support of our Editorial Advisers and Consultants. We also
    appreciate the contributors to this edition.

    We, therefore present this edition to the reading delight and hope you will find it interesting
    and educative. We anticipate your continual patronage.

    Dr. Mrs. P. Uzoma
    Managing Editor


  • Nigeria Journal of Educational Research and Evaluation
    Vol 17 No 2 (2018)

    The Nigerian Journal of Educational Research and Evaluation is one of the official Journals
    of the Association of Educational Researchers and Evaluators of Nigeria (ASSEREN). It
    publishes empirical and theoretical papers covering a broad range of issues in educational
    research, assessment, evaluation and other related issues all emanated from papers presented
    at our annual conference held in Jos 2017. It contains well written articles that could serve
    locally and internationally.

    We have done our best to improve the quality of the Journal. A number of articles were
    received and peer-reviewed. Accepted papers are published in this volume 17 in two numbers
    1 and 2. We acknowledge the contributors to this Edition, our Editorial Advisers and

    Therefore, we present this edition with the hope that you will find it very resourceful and
    informative. We look forward to your continuous contribution to the Journal.

    Dr. P. U. Osadebe
    Member Editorial Board..

  • Nigeria Journal of Educational Research and Evaluation
    Vol 15 No 1 (2016)

    At the last national conference of the association held at the University of Ibadan, it
    was announced that three new additional journals will be published by the
    association. The journals are: Journal of Educational Research and Development with
    Dr. Adams Onuka of University of Ibadan as the chief editor, Journal of Evaluation
    with Dr, Henry Owolabi of University of Illorin as the chief editor and Journal of
    Education with Professor Christiana Ugodulunwa of University of Jos as the chief
    editor. Each journal is independent but all publications will be drawn from papers
    presented at the national conference. This is a welcome development as members will
    now have a higher probability of having their papers published after peer review and
    necessary editing.

    In this 15
    Vol. 1, No. 1, 2016 edition, 22 well researched papers are published that
    span through the main and sub-themes of the conference. Some of the publications
    include the use of CBT and IRT in our schools which are quite illuminating. Also
    topics on statistical soft wares available for use in statistical analysis are highly
    commendable and good for those who are not properly grounded in the application of
    statistics in analysis. Papers on soft skills as correlates of academic achievement,
    differential item functioning technique for detection of item bias, rubric training as
    classroom assessment technique and others will make interesting read.

    We hope the papers in this volume will create an avenue for further discussions as
    they relate to assessment in our schools. We have continued to face challenges in
    discharging our responsibilities because of some lapses we identified in Vol. 14. For
    purposes of emphasis let us restate some of those challenges: adhering to the
    publication guidelines, paying attention to statistical analysis of data, choosing topics
    within the theme and sub themes of the conference, and including complete contact
    information (e-mail and telephone number) .